Disparaging U.S. Olympic athletes since of politics and failure unfair

John A. Tures This is a column by John A. Tures, a political science professor…

John A. Tures

This is a column by John A. Tures, a political science professor at LaGrange Faculty. He is a frequent contributor to the Savannah Early morning Information.

It has become stylish by some politicians and pundits who claim to “love America” to openly cheer against Workforce United states of america in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Using phrases like “woke” and “social justice warriors,” these critics who appreciate getting photographed hugging U.S. flags or saying their patriotism exceeds all people else’s are venting venom at all those symbolizing the United States.  

Because it’s all about maximizing their own publicity, by disparaging other individuals, I will not even mention their names.

In the meantime, sports journalists and other individuals from the sports activities globe are paying additional time documenting the losses of American teams than they are at highlighting America’s gold medal winners, and what they’ve achieved. In other nations around the world, these champions would be heroes for life, and most likely never ever want to invest in a further consume. But our wonderful good results shops are currently being handed over in favor of coverage for these struggling.

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In 1996, I was in Bulgaria for the opening working day of the Atlanta Olympics. A pistol-shooter from that country received the bronze medal, and the place performed it on Television set non-stop. Although visiting Ecuador, I saw a statue to Jefferson Perez, who received a gold medal for long-length going for walks.